Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Great info for Prom Limo Rental in Chicago

Limos Alive is a fabulous addition to any night. Prom is an extra special event in any young person’s life. The magic makers with at Limos Alive will make sure that it is a special night. 

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Sponsored wedding Venue Tuscany Falls

Check out a local wedding venue that has us a preferred vendor for party bus, shuttle bus, and limo transportation.


After you book your venue check out our fleet for transportation.

Select rooms have private outdoor courtyards featuring fire and water elements. These areas function as an outdoor extension to your room. A third courtyard is accessible to all our guests and offers a solid granite gazebo surrounded by landscaping creating limitless outdoor photo opportunities.

Tuscany Falls Banquets & Events Formerly DiNolfo's Banquets Mokena
9425 w. 191st Street Mokena, IL 60448 708-479-1919 dinolfosbanquets.com

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Limos Alive Party Bus with Bathroom Party Bus Rental Chicago

Tailgate Party Bus Rental Chicago to Norte Dame Tailgating

Tailgate Party Bus Rental  

Tailgating has become a popular event in the United States. Often taking place before or after social events such as sports games and concerts, these tailgate parties normally involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages, grilled food, and parking lot games. The term tailgate is derived from the fact that these parties are held on or around the open trunk or tailgate of a vehicle. This being the case, renting a party bus for tailgating has also become a popular choice in the United States.
Party Buses
Party buses are converted or modified buses or vans that can accommodate up to fifty or more people. They are equipped with special sounds and lights systems, as well as the usual amenities that can make any party memorable. These party buses have their own comfort rooms as well as refrigerators or coolers for food and drinks. Some of these specialized vehicles even come with a dance floor (with or without a dancing pole), some arcade games, or even a portable Jacuzzi on board. If you want your tailgating party or any special occasion to be truly unforgettable, then renting a party bus is the right choice for you.

For the big athlete or even that die-hard sports fan, hiring a party bus for tailgating can be a great way to impress your team’s fans or your favorite players. Any sports superstar would want to arrive at the game in style, and a party bus rental will do just that. A whole team can fit in one vehicle, and it does not need to be your usual ordinary bus. Arriving in style will psych everyone tailgating before a big game and at the same time keep them entertained with all its party features and a little bit of food and drinks to keep their energy up.
Partying after winning the game will also come much more easily with the party bus because it is literally having a party on wheels. These specialized vehicles also come with professional drivers who will make sure that you get where you need to be safe and on time.
Hiring Your Tailgating Party Bus
If you are thinking about renting a party bus for tailgating, you might be pleasantly surprised with the number of service providers available. Many of these companies will even have enticing websites that will show pictures of different party buses and their customized features so you can have the party of your dreams. When making your choice, be sure to check the company background first. Also, what are the specific vehicles that they have to offer? Be sure to select the one that has your preferred amenities and features so that you get your money’s worth. Finally, deal with someone you can trust so that you can relax at the party.

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Party Bus Vs Limo Bus Rentals in Chicago

Chicago Party Bus Rentals for Weddings

Your wedding is a party, so there’s no better time to rent a party bus or limo to transport your guests around town. Typically your party bus or limo will transport you and your spouse, as well as your bridal party, from your wedding location to your reception hall. In between you can make stops around town to take pictures, or even stop at a few of your favorite Milwaukee watering holes. And of course, party buses and limos work great for bachelor and bachelorette parties too.

Party Bus VS. Limo Services

A party bus is basically a limo with a higher roof that can hold more people. A party bus will give you and your guests the option to stand up and dance, while a limo gives a more luxurious ride and feel. Consider your bridal party size and budget before making your decision. These tips should help as well:
  • Limos can seat between 6-20 people.
  • Mid-sized party buses can fit between 15-30 people.
  • Large party buses can fit between 30-50 people.
  • A limo will typically be more affordable than a party bus.
  • Ask if ice, beverages and snacks are provided.
  • View the limo/bus in person before signing a contract.
  • Some Buses even have an onboard restroom.

Check out www.limosalive.com for more info

Monday, February 1, 2016

Limo bus and transportation companies in Chicago

How to protect your self from shady limo companies in Chicago. 

I've been in the business now for over 5 1/2 years.  During that time I've noticed a lot of limo companies in the Chicagoland area cheat and take advantage of their customers.  By cheat I mean they book people at a really low rate and make a lot of empty promises.  Little bit of consumers know that these companies are just waiting for the next customer to call book transportation for the same day with the same vehicle but they won't freeze the price on the next booking.  That they will call back the customer who booked at the low price tell them they need to pay more money or they lose the reservation for a couple days before the event.  Many of these customers are put in a situation where they don't have a choice on booking alternate transportation.   If they have to look for another company of course they will never find anything as cheap as they got with the first company.  So they end up paying the extra amount of money to keep the reservation.

I work for a company called Limos Alive party bus rental I frequently get calls from customers complaining about the situations.  A couple things you can do to protect yourself from companies like this in the protect you in the future from Dion the company like that.  

Always get a contract on the limo company you were booking service from. Make sure they take your deposit and not just authorize your card.  You could always ask the company to sign the contract also guaranteeing you the service without any increased rate based on availability.  Any company that's not willing to do that you could bat that they're going to try to cancel your service or make you pay more money.  

If you're looking for a really good responsible company the best place to find reviews for those companies would be wedding websites.  The companies that have good reviews on wedding website like that not an wedding wire care about their customer service.  Although yelp may be good for other things there's very easy ways to manipulate reviews on yelp Google and Facebook.  If you feel a little company might be giving you a run around give me a call I could help you figure out a way around it or give offer you alternate transportation see you don't get put in a bad situation.